Welcome to the IGUOTON Collective.
An independent Creative Agency working across the design sector, with a focus on Product Design, Branding & Packaging, Luminaire Systems and UI & UX Design.

Take a step into our Wonderland.

Pixels and Ink, Screens and Paper. Through all mediums, and across all platforms, our approach to design is as unique as our identity. We pride ourselves on ambitious creativity, with a desire to reimagine traditionalism. Evolving and adapting, the fluidity in our approach fuels our growth and advancement.

It's not me, it's YOU.

No, really. It's all about you.

We embed the principles of User-Centered Design throughout our work, investing in the comprehension of experiences formed through interaction. Whether developing concepts - or prototyping a physical product - by anchoring ourselves in the process of forming a thorough framework, we spark a desire and need for engagement in an individual.

We believe in the ability to challenge perception, and as such, our work is infused with a multitude of elements that are designed to enhance an interactive experience; this leads to pathways that redefine how an end-user can interact and engage with a product or system. The mantra to which we subscribe, is that a product or service's effectiveness is rooted in the characteristics for its universally seamless and intuitive use.

Through order, comes chaos.

There's always a method to our madness.

As explorers navigating the 'Quantum Realm of Design', we aspire to continue expanding our understanding of the ever-changing nature that defines engagement. Our inspiration exists in a plane that utilises the principles of Semiotic Design, with layers of sensory stimulation, ultimately weaving these attributes to create an experience that evokes emotion.

It is important to understand the spectrum of emotion in design: it can represent pure functionalism, just as easily as it can represent an idea or sensation. Our creative process is centered on understanding these fundamental building blocks, and employing them as a tool to create the essence of our work.

Curiosity entered the chat. "Hey."

Oh dear - hide your cats.

Curiosity is a trait that we hold in high regard, and an attribute that we believe supports and pioneers creative advancement. We strive to employ our techniques across the creative sector, using the sheer volume of our inspiration as fuel to explore the vast, fascinating expanse. The pride we have for our work, and our commitment to our values, are reinforced and supported by the desire to innovate: our passion will always be in the design and development of products and systems that exist to ignite curiosity.